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my main World of Warcraft character (Thursday, January 14, 2010)
Jenethea, the Argent Champion
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Carolaina @ Subway (Sunday, December 14, 2008)
Now that winter is here, I can wear my favorite coat with pocket space enough to carry more of my gadgets. While we were at Subway this past Friday night, I used my extra-cheap little pocket camera to get a few pictures of Carolaina.

If the only pictures I get out of this cheap little thing are like these, it's so worth it.

goodbye ADHM, and thanks for all the fish (Tuesday, April 15, 2008)
It seems my favorite online dice store is closing up shop. This is a shame since no other one even comes close to matching the variety Advancing Hordes has. Also, no other dice store site looks anywhere near as great or is as easy to use. Here are some rather poor alternatives I've found so far, so I'll have a list of places to refer to later.

G-Squared Collectibles & Hobbies - specifically the RPG Sets section

Valiant Games - dice manufacturer

Crystal Caste - another manufacturer

RPGShop - even though they've been around a while, the poor site design and spastic navigation make it look like a fly-by-night operation

Paizo's dice section

I may update this post later if I find anything better.

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